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What is Bard Sessions?


Bard Sessions is a live music series based in Appleton, WI that was created to showcase original musicians with a focus on songwriting. The poster lined room used in our videos is what helps set us apart from other live series.  It creates a unique environment that combines the intimate, candid feel of a cozy space with the premium quality of professional video and audio recording.


What kind of music is featured?

We welcome musicians ranging from young, rising stars to established, veteran artists.  While a majority of our previous episodes feature folk and Americana music, we are fans of all genres and want to expand our series to reflect that.  Our main focus is on talent and original voices.

Who is behind the scenes?


Bard Sessions is produced by us, Bard Media, a new video and audio production company in Wisconsin.  Most of our work is in the commercial and advertising world, however we also produce music videos and wanted to expand that into something greater.  So, we created Bard Sessions. 


Why create Bard Sessions?


Our passion for music--as both creators and listeners--drives our need to create videos that are as visually exciting as the artists we partner with.  We also want Bard Sessions to be an aid to the music community and give artists a visual platform to share with their online audience.


Quotes & Reviews

"We did a video with the Bard Boys. These guys are awesome! and audio quality is the best we have experienced and we plan on doing other projects with them in the future."

- Jeff Jennings

"Amazing artists, great music!!! What more can I say? It's good for the soul!"

- Darrell Taylor

"Bard is doing big things, and so are these artists. Do your ears a favor and follow Bard Media if you haven't. What a good time for music."

-Casey James

"In between 7 sets in 4 days at Mile of Music in Appleton, WI we stopped by Bard Sessions to play a few tunes. The folks there were so kind, cool, and hospitable that our 1 hour session turned into a 6 hour party & hang."

-Chicago Farmer

Previous Guests

Dig Deep, Joseph Huber, Chicago Farmer, Feed The Dog, Useful Jenkins, Fireside Collective, Julian Davis, Clusterpluck, Henhouse Prowlers, Tae, Ben Wagner, and more!


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